Founder of Uni-Diversity

I began my career as a Developmental Services Worker

(Georgian College, Orillia) in Ontario, Canada.

After moving to Québec in 2005, I completed the

Special Care Counselling diploma from Vanier College.


My first work experience was with adults with disabilities in a group home setting. Several years later, I began working with my first autistic client. I didn’t know then how much the world of autism would change me. I have worked in life skills programs, elementary schools, in-home therapy, daycares, clinics, and summer camps.

The people and families that I have worked with have shown me how beautiful life is when we can see the world from a different perspective. They have shown me time and time again that any given label doesn't actually matter, because if I immerse myself into their world, they will help me understand the most important thing;

we are all just human.

It is through understanding and respecting this basic humanity,

that we can connect and learn together.


Throughout my years of working in different roles and in different environments, I have learned so much about how people behave; what works and what doesn't when we are caring or educating someone, how people's strengths can serve them and others, and how challenges can effect day to day life.

It is from the combination of learning about others, facing challenges and the experience of connection, that my innate desire to help others led me to develop Uni-Diversity. My hope is to truly make a difference to those who need someone to believe in them, because, well, I do.