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Waiting lists, a lack of human or material resources, or completing required documentation can create a gap in necessary services for those living with a communication delay/disorder, physical disability, neurodevelopmental disability, medical condition, neurocognitive disorder, behavioural challenge, loss of autonomy, or other specific special need, condition or diagnosis.

Whether you are looking for public or private long term support, waiting creates added strain on the support system; no matter if the system is a family, caregiver, professional, or school, daycare or residential team.


This service offers short term assistance for you right now; when you need it most.

Crisis situations involve emotional dysregulation including intense behaviour and/or aggression, caregiver burnout, or other situation that requires immediate attention.


Together, we identify the most pertinent need(s) in your individual situation and then determine short term concrete steps and solutions to alleviate stress and manage the day to day reality, while waiting for long term support to be put in place or to produce results.

In person crisis support is offered within a 30 km radius of Terrebonne, Québec.

Locations greater than 30km from Terrebonne may be available with an added mileage fee. Contact me for availabilities.

Online crisis support is available for any location.

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