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Online Support

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Certain needs may not require in person, practical support. Depending on your needs, we may schedule online sessions/consultations on a regular or an as needed basis.

This support can include, but is not limited to:

  • Video or live observations of your day to day life, including various environments if applicable

  • Feedback sessions regarding application of tools, methods, and strategies,

  • Discussion of concepts and theories, and their related applications where necessary

  • Discussion (individual or team) concentrating on brainstorming and problem solving

    • specific questions about information

    • specific situations

    • refreshers of previously discussed information, techniques, tips or recommendations

  • Video modeling

  • Creation of individualized sessions or a personalized workshop, including

    • general and specific information based on observations

    • recommendations

    • proposed perspective shifting

    • real-life examples 

    • opportunities for open discussion

  • Adaptations to previously discussed methods or intervention plans

  • Support for navigating

    • other services and supports

    • researching resources

    • paperwork

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