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I help you meet diverse human needs.

The truth of humanity is that we all have diverse needs. Add in varying conditions, disabilities, diagnoses, and labels, and things get more complex than they already were.

The support system (including everyone from parents, siblings, teachers, grandparents, clinicians, caregivers, educators, children, family members, orderlies, Special Care Counsellors, and beyond) holds the first responsibility in providing guidance, teaching, and care for their loved one or client throughout their life stages.

Common methods of support in both the private and the public systems, do not necessarily consider the neurodiversity of people, and are often used in generalized application. There is also a lack of effective services for teens and adults themselves who have taken or wish to take more personal responsibility. This often results in addressing difficulties using tools that may only alleviate the situation and produce performance-based results, rather than functional ability. Furthermore, it is not always clear how to integrate the recommended tools and methods on a day-to-day basis, and therefore it is difficult for the support network to adapt and ensure effective interventions. The outcome is lack of progress and independence for the individual, leaving the support network discouraged and unsure what to do next.

Having the desire to do something that genuinely addresses the difficulties outlined above, I have combined my professional experiences in the special education field with my personal experience as a caregiver to Father who has Alzheimer's, and created my approach and services with the intention to facilitate and increase the effectiveness of the supports that are provided to people with diverse needs. I believe that the dignity and individuality of the person requiring support is at the core of identifying and meeting needs, and my approach and services are in line with striving towards my mission.

All of my services are intended to help you untangle your situation by finding the root of any issue or need, and then addressing it through tips, techniques and resources that will help you take action.​ Through my ability to relate to, empathize and listen to people, I tap into your knowledge, provide missing information, and supply hands on learning in the area that you require.

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My Services

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