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Needs Based Support, Consultation and Education for Diverse Human Needs

Laurie smiling to the right
A woman and a girl are crouched down and looking through a metal gate in a park.
A man and a girl are sitting on the floor, playing with blocks.
A woman is smiling and pointing to the right. She is standing with a boy in a dark blue shirt.
Two girls wearing masks and backpacks are climbing on a play structure.
A woman and a boy are dressed up for Halloween. She is dressed as a painter and he is dressed in a S
Doctor and Patient
A boy is rolling playdough and looking at the camera. A woman is standing beside him and smiling at
A woman is sitting with a girl, both are looking down and pointing to a book.
A woman and a boy are shooting paint through a syringe onto paper on the floor.
A woman is hugging a boy who is crying.
A woman is sticking out her tongue with a strawberry on the tip, while a boy is hesitantly licking a
A child is sitting at a building table, stacking blocks. There are four wooden chairs around the tab
A woman and a boy are posing, standing in front of a Christmas tree.
A boy is swinging in the air between a woman and a man who are holding his hands on either side.
A woman and a boy are squirting paint on a large paper through a syringe.
Senior Caregiver
A boy and a woman are painting floor paper with paint being squeezed from a syringe.
Two boys are sitting on a couch, playing video games with controllers.
A woman is painting a boy`s foot with a paintbrush and green paint.
A woman is singing into a wooden spoon while a girl is sitting on the counter in front of her and si
A woman has her hands on a boy`s ankle and is making a footprint with paint on a paper.
A boy is looking through a paper towel roll at a man who is sitting in front of him.
Laminated pictures on a ring are laying spread out on a table. There are some worksheets in the back

My Services

My services are available to ANYONE who is in the role of parenting, caring, educating or supporting children, adolescents, adults or seniors,

whether that be as a parent, family member, caregiver, or professional.

I also offer targeted personal coaching for autistic teens and adults.


While a diagnosis is not required to benefit from my services, they may be of

particular interest to those supporting someone with one of more of the following:

  • behavioural challenge

  • neurodevelopmental disorder (autism, ADHD etc.)

  • neurocognitive disorder (Alzheimer's etc.)

  • language or ​communication delay/disorder

  • physical or intellectual disability

  • medical condition

  • loss of autonomy, or

  • other specific special need, condition or diagnosis

Each service is adapted to the needs of not only the individual who requires support,
but also to the needs of their support network.

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Who is behind Uni-Diversity?

My passionate desire to help others is the foundation of Uni-Diversity.






What is a Special Care Counsellor?

According to the Quebec Association of Special Care Counsellors Code of Conduct,


“1.1 SPECIAL CARE COUNSELLOR (S.C.C) is defined as follows: A professional who intervenes with individuals or groups of individuals of any age who experience or are likely to experience various adjustment problems in the field of mental health, social services and education. The S.C.C. evaluates and accompanies the client through situations of daily living, educational, helping relationships, and through intervention techniques. The S.C.C. pursues objectives of social integration and personal development in the fields of prevention, education and rehabilitation. 

1.2. Their role consists of observing and evaluating the needs, abilities, lifestyles and behaviours of persons with psychosocial adjustment problems. The S.C.C. may also proceed with the screening, assessment, detection and identification of undiagnosed disorders. They must also assess the suicide risk and dangerousness exhibited by a person in crisis. They note the data in the record and write progress reports, using the method designated by their organization.

1.3. The S.C.C. has the obligation to establish an intervention plan for each client assigned to them, within the context of a planned intervention process.”

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Terrebonne, Québec J6Y 1E9


In person services provided for

Terrebonne and the surrounding areas including;

Mascouche, Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, La Plaine, Repentigny, Bois-des-Filion, Rosemère, Boisbriand, Saint-Thérèse, Blainville, and Laval.

For all other areas, contact me.

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The development and growth of Uni-Diversity would not have been possible without the support, guidance, and shared experiences of so many people whom I have had the pleasure to know and work with, both personally and professionally. I am especially grateful to: Jessy Brisson, Elena Montecalvo, Mariska Burger, Annie Robitaille, Aimee-Elizabeth Parsons, Gloria Maclean, Jennifer White, Kelly Sauvé, Sandra Miranda, Sheila Lindsay, Krista Leitham, and Nancy Buott. I have learned so much from each of you and am so grateful for your support in my life.

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