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The companion service offers parents, family members and caregivers, a second person to accompany you during outings, shopping, appointments, or any other setting when a second pair of eyes and hands would be beneficial*.

Companion Service

Whether you are a caregiver for someone, or an individual yourself with diverse special needs such as a behavioural challenge, language or communication disorder/delay, physical disability, neurodevelopmental disorder (autism etc.), medical condition, neurocognitive disorder (Alzheimer's), or another specific diagnosis, you may require the support of another person in certain situations.

Pre-planning and preventative strategies don’t always help manage unforeseen circumstances that may arise, such as traffic delays, sensory overload, waiting times, moments of confusion or anxiety, and ensuring public safety. My experience and training allows me to help you in any given situation.

This service is available to you as needed, after completion of a one hour pre-service consultation**.

Book your free 30 minute inquiry call to find out more about this service here.

Book your one hour pre-service consultation here.

*One hour accompaniment is offered within a 10 km radius of Terrebonne, Québec.

Accompaniment of more than 1.5 hours is offered within a 30 km radius of Terrebonne, Québec.

Locations greater than 30km from Terrebonne may be available with an added mileage fee.

**The one hour pre-service consultation is invoiced at $60.

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