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While I provide services to people with any diagnosis, my experience over the last decade has been within the autism community.

Having seen and heard about their various realities, I have been moved to support the community by offering specific services to autistic individuals and their families, as well as the professionals that support them.

I also offer workshops and presentations to the general population with the intention of creating autism awareness that through continued discussion will shift to autism acceptance.

My services are designed to provide targeted,

practical support and solutions for your everyday reality.

Having spent my entire career in various systemic environments, my desire to do something that genuinely addresses the issues that the autistic community faces gradually grew, until I decided to take the leap in 2020 and create Uni-Diversity. I have combined my personal and professional experiences and developed my approach and services. I believe that the individuality and dignity of the person requiring support is at the core of identifying and meeting needs, and my intention is to provide services that facilitate and increase the effectiveness of the supports that are provided to autistic people throughout their life stages.

My approach and services are intended to be different.

Through my ability to relate to, empathize and listen to people, I help you untangle your situation by

finding the root of any issue or need, and then provide direct support to assist you in realistically taking action.

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