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My Mission

My mission is to provide needs based and solution oriented services,

that support, accept and include all people as they are,

through an approach focused on individualized independence, success and belonging.

I believe that the current resources provided and recommended for supporting diverse needs do not always:

  • meet the need for applicable support

  • result in noticeable progress

  • consider where people are at, including personal desires and possible diagnoses

  • alleviate feelings of being overwhelmed and powerless among the people navigating and providing support services

  • address the root of needs


I aim to combine my knowledge, understanding and experience with individuals who have diverse needs, and the support networks surrounding them, with the intention of:

  • fostering learning and growth

  • building on strengths

  • facilitating and increasing the effectiveness of supports

  • promoting empowered and active participants and advocates

  • ensuring that each person feels that they belong

A girl and a woman are climbing on a play structure at the park.
A girl has slime dripping off her fingers. We see her smiling behind it.
Patient and Nurse
A child is sitting at a table that has a painting on it, and she is smiling up at the camera.
A woman is looking over a small child`s shoulder.
A child is jumping high with their arms up and a smile.
A girl is riding a tricycle. There are ball launchers and red balls all over the ground in the backg
Two children are wearing rainboots, stepping in and touching some puddles.
A boy is smiling large while he is holding a toy airplane. He is outside and he is running.
Two children are splashing in the water.
Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger
Two children are standing outside and it is snowing. One child is catching flakes with their hands a
A boy is sitting in a large body of water and playing with a toy boat.
Two girls are sitting on the floor with a man. One girl and the man are looking at a computer screen
A boy and girl are looking at toy elephants that are on the table in front of them.
A small child is playing with a train set.
A boy is throwing a soccer ball in the air and a woman, a man, and a girl are watching him.
A boy is playing a guitar and a girl is watching him and clapping her hands.
My mission

I strive to genuinely address the need for support and solutions in the special needs community

by offering outside-of-the-box services based entirely on specific needs.

My approach has been developed specifically to ensure individualization in each situation. I intend to offer an effective and change-inducing service that builds understanding as well as skills, for both the supporter and the individual requiring support. This means focusing on providing the necessary theoretical knowledge, coaching, and hands-on experiences specific to all implicated individuals within each distinct environmental structure, culture and belief system.




I address individual needs through my personal holistic approach, including techniques and strategies based in my understanding of various models including but not limited to;

In my 24 years of experience, I have seen that there is not one single approach that works; instead, it is most effective to adapt this combined knowledge to each individual’s personal perception and needs, using basic humanity as the starting point.

A woman is seen smiling while she is hugging a boy. We see the back of the boy`s head.
Comforting Hands

Who are my services for?

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